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Wake n’ Bacon: Finally, an Alarm Clock I Won’t Resent

Posted in Random Tech by Freybjörn on July 31st, 2008.


Mmmmm… Bacon! If there’s anything that can wake me from a deep slumber, it would be the delicious smell of freshly cooked bacon. Inventors Matty Sallin and Daniel Bartolini seemed to share my sentiments, for they have created the Wake n’ Bacon; an alarm clock that wakes you with the smell of fresh, sizzling bacon.  After depositing frozen slices of bacon in the Wake n’ Bacon the night before, you can be sure to awake to the tantalizing smell of bacon! The Wake n’ Bacon simply begins cooking the bacon a few minutes before your alarm is set to wake you. Unfortunately, the Wake n’ Bacon is only a concept at this time. But, if the alarm clock is ever produced, it is sure to have many fans. Click here for more info!



Shape Up Alarm Clock Annoys the Non-Athletic

Posted in Random Tech by Freybjörn on July 17th, 2008.


Fred & Friends have developed an amazingly annoying alarm clock, named the Shape Up Clock, that won’t shut off until you perform 30 repetitions with the dumbbell.  To give that special someone a not so subtle hint, click here to locate a Fred & Friends retailer.

Clocky Alarm Clock

Posted in Freakin' Awesome,Random Tech by Freybjörn on December 25th, 2006.

Here’s a useful gadget: Clocky the alarm clock!


Clocky, sold from Nanda, is an alarm clock that runs and hides to get you out of bed. When Clocky sounds, it randomly runs off on its wheels, and its befuddled owner must catch it in order to silence the alarm! Sounds like a safe bet to get the most groggy sleepers out of bed.


Glo Pillow Gently Wakes Heavy Sleepers

Posted in Random Tech by Freybjörn on March 17th, 2008.


This pillow is for those of use who find traditional alarm clocks both utterly useless and annoying. Useless because we simply turn them off. Annoying because they leave us in a half-conscious, irritated state. The Glo Pillow gently wakes sleepers by slowly increasing the intensity of light in order to simulate a natural sun-rise. Designed by Ian Walton and Eoin McNally, the Glo Pillow uses an LED interface to wake users, beginning 40 minutes before the pre-set alarm time. Theoretically, this will gently wake the user, while keeping him in sync with his Circadian Rhythms. The Glo Pillow was named one of Time’s Best Inventions of the Year in 2007. Unfortunately, the Glo Pillow is just a prototype right now.
To read more about the Glo Pillow, click here and here.

Toys R Us Black Friday Ad 2007!

Posted in Advertising,Christmas by Freybjörn on November 10th, 2007.


Be sure to check out the Toys R Us Black Friday Ad! It’s jam-packed with great Christmas gift ideas. Some highlights include:

-Sony Cybershot 7.2MP Digital Camera $149.99
-Disney Fairies 13″ Color Television $129.99
-Disney Fairies CD Boombox Stereo $39.99
-Disney Tinkerbell Mix Max Audio/Video Player with 2.2″ Color LCD $99.99
-Hannah Montana Mix Max Audio / Video Player with 2.2″ Color Screen $89.99
-Hannah Montana Mix Stick Music Player $34.99
-High School Musical 15″ Flat Panel LCD Television $279.99
-High School Musical Alarm Clock with iPod Dock $59.99
-Sharp 15″ Flat Panel LCD Television $299.99
-Creative Labs Zen Stone Plus 2GB MP3 Player $59.99
-Hokey Pokey Elmo $19.99
-Leapfrog Leapster Learning System $59.99

To see more from the 2007 Toys R Us Black Friday Ad, click here.

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