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Cable Organizer Products Review

Posted in Reviews by Freybjörn on June 30th, 2007.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a menagerie of items from Cable Organizer. Unsurprisingly, these gadgets all had to do with.. uh… organizing cables of some sort or another. Below is a shot of all the cable gizmos, including the Cable Turtles, Power Squid, PowerStation Traveller, and USB FireWire 5 in 1 QuickConnect.


The Cable Turtles were probably the cutest of all the gadgets. Their purpose is simple- to hide clutter by coiling up long cables within their “shells”, and thus make a computer station much more organized. I used these next to my desktop, and the mess greatly decreased because of them. However, because the mess of coils was mostly behind the desktop, it didn’t make that much of an impact on a day to day basis. Overall, these Cable Turtles are perfect for a neat geek, and are quite affordable too! Rating: 9.0/10


Below is the PowerStation Traveller [sic], which enables the user to charge up to three gadgets in the car via DC power.


You can adjust the sliders so that your gadgets won’t shift around while you’re traveling. After placing your gadgets in the PowerStation, you merely need to plug the gadgets into three hidden DC power connectors, and then plug the outside connector into the DC car jack. You can also use AC/DC power if you buy an adapter (for $17 more). Overall, I would use this product heavily during road trips, and for more effective charging. However, it is a bit expensive (more so if you include the AC/DC adapter), especially considering I could just charge the gadgets separately. Rating: 7.5/10.


Pictured below is the PowerSquid: a power multiplier that multiplies power to five different grounded outlets.


The PowerSquid is more aesthetically pleasing than other power multipliers that I’ve seen. Additionally, its flexible branches allow for easier connection. Overall the PowerSquid is a lovely product, and I would highly recommend it in place of a normal power multiplier. The only gripe I had was that it was sometimes difficult to plug in electronic devices. Rating: 9.5/10.


The last product that Cable Organizer sent me to review was the USB FireWire 5 in 1 QuickConnect Cable. The QuickConnect USB Cable is a multi-purpose cable connector that comes with five different USB configurations (USB A Male, USB B Male, Mini USB A Male, Mini USB B Male, USB A Female). This facilitates easy installation of USB software and products (scanners, cameras, external hard drives, etc).

Below you can see the USB FireWire QuickConnect Cable with two of the configurations attached. While the QuickConnect is a useful gadget to have around in case you lose a USB cord, or you buy a gadget that doesn’t come with a USB adapter, I personally have never had need of such a gadget. Nevertheless, this is a quality product that will work flawlessly if you need a five in one USB Cable. Rating: 7.0/10.


I enjoyed using the efficient products from Cable Organizer.  So if you ever need to organize your cables, check it out!

Cute Overload

Posted in Websites by Freybjörn on December 19th, 2005.

We feel a kindred spirit at Cute Overload. Devoted to finding the cutest animals possible, Cute Overload displays adorable pictures like these:

Welcome to Cute Gadgets Blog (CGB)

Posted in About this blog by Elliott Back on November 5th, 2005.

Cute Gadgets Blog

I am proud to announce a new blog on the rapidly growing Elliott Back network! It’s a twist on your typical gadgets and personal electronics weblog, where Danielle will be blogging about the cutest gizmos on the market. You can read it, if you’d like! For those who want lots of text and analysis, and don’t care about aesthetics, then this is not the blog for you. If you’d like to see pretty pictures of sexy new hunks of plastic and metal, than this might be the place for you!