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Sony NW-E020F Disney Mp3 Players

Posted in Mp3 Players,Sony by Freybjörn on June 16th, 2008.


What this world needs is more Disney themed objects . That’s what Sony must have thought when they created the NW-E020F Disney Themed Mp3 Players. With memory capacities of either 1 or 2 GB and few other features, Sony is not going to make a killing off the unmemorable NW-E020F Mp3 Players. The 1 GB model will cost €50 ($77 USD) and the 2 GB model will run €55 ($85 USD). If you feel so inclined, you could read more here.

Philips SA9300 and SA5100 Mp3 Players!

Posted in Mp3 Players,Philips by Freybjörn on June 8th, 2007.


Philips is releasing the SA9300 and SA5100 mp3 players. The Philips SA9300 is available in 2GB or 4GB and has a 1.8 inch LCD screen, an integrated FM tuner, MP3 and WMA support, as well as WMV9 video and jpeg image viewing. The Philips SA5100 is available in 1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB capacities and has the same 1.8 inch LCD display, and has WMA/MP3 support, and WMV9 video. The SA9300 will cost you 179€ or 199€ for the 2 GB and 4 GB version respectively, while the SA5100 will cost you 99€, 119€, or 139€ for the 1, 2, or 4 GB versions.

Creative’s New Mp3 Players: The Zen V and Zen V Plus

Posted in Creative,Mp3 Players by Freybjörn on June 23rd, 2006.

Creative has created two new mp3 players, the Zen V and the Zen V Plus.

zen v.jpg

These mp3 players are clearly marketed in order to compete with Apple’s ubiquitous iPod nano, as they are very small (43.5 x 67.5 x 15.9 mm) and weigh only 43.5 g.  The Zen V is avaliable in 1 or 2 gb capacities, has a 1.5 inch OLED screen, and 4 different colour combinations.  The Zen V Plus is the same size, but comes in 1, 2, or 4 gb capacities, and also has a FM tuner and video playback. Both the Zen V and the Zen V Plus boast an impressive battery life of 15 hours.  You can buy the Zen V now for $179 (1 gb model) or $229 (2 gb model), or wait for the Zen V Plus to be released in August at reported prices of $130, $170, or $230 for the 1, 2, or 4 gb versions respectively.

zen v plus.jpg

Sony Walkman E-Series MP3 Players

Posted in Mp3 Players by Freybjörn on March 31st, 2006.

Sony is preparing to launch a new series of mp3 players, the “e-series”.


The Sony E-Series will come in memory capacities of 512 mb, 1gb, and 2 gb, with a price tage of up to $180 (which is fairly reasonable.)  The E-Series will also have a one line screen display.


The Best of CES: Mp3 Players

Posted in Mp3 Players by Freybjörn on January 7th, 2006.

In the Best of CES: Mp3 Players, we bring you the top mp3 players from the 2006 CES convention.

First, we have Toshiba’s Gigabeat S.

The Gigabeat S comes with memory capacities of either 30 gb (blue or white) or 60 gb of memory (black), avaliable for 300 or 400 dollars respectively. The Gigabeat can play MP3, WMA, WAV, as well as many other formats. Toshiba’s new invention also had a 320 x 240 LCD screen, and is able to play video, and display photos. The Gigabeat S has video services Vongo, which has a catalog of over 1000 movies, making the Toshiba S the mp3 player of 2006.

Then, in a close second place, we have TimeTrax’s TraxCatcher.

The TraxCatcher records songs from FM radio stations as mp3s, thus creating a free music library. The base tunes into the FM stations, and the thin mp3 player above converts the songs into mp3s. Unfortunately, the mp3 player only has a memory capacity of 512 mb. Nevertheless, it is a useful contraption, and the beginning $99 pricetag is quite reasonable.

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