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Tomy Hi-Kara Karaoke Cube: World’s Smallest Karaoke Machine

Posted in Games by Danielle on June 17th, 2008.


Say hello to the world’s smallest karaoke machine. Measuring a mere 2.75″x2.75″x2.75″ cube, the Tomy Hi-Kara Karaoke Machine has a 2.4 inch screen that displays song lyrics and animated graphics. In order to actually use the machine, you’ll have to download songs from the Hi-Kara website. There are two microphone/headset devices, and the Karaoke Machine is available in pink or white. Read more here!

AT&T’s “iPhone Black” Oops

Posted in Apple, iPhone by Danielle on May 12th, 2008.


Today, AT&T’s website gave the model option of “iPhone Black” when consumers tried to purchase an iPhone. Huh. Weird. It’s strange because there currently is no iPhone Black. Telecom Italia Mobile’s Executive VP Luigi Licciardi confirms that they’ll be selling the 3G iPhone next month.  AT&T backtracked after this was discovered and claimed that the “iPhone Black” option was merely a placeholder for the 16 GB model.  Yet, this makes no sense at all, since the 16 GB iPhone has never been called the iPhone Black and is not a separate model from the other iPhones. Looks like this one is out of the bag, Apple. Look forward to the 3G iPhone within the upcoming month!

Guitar Rising: Learn to be a Real Guitar Hero

Posted in Games by Danielle on February 24th, 2008.


For all of you guitar hero junkies, who have been playing guitar hero for years, but can’t play a single note on a real guitar, Guitar Rising may be for you. Basically, Guitar Rising is a video game where you use a real guitar in order to learn how to play real songs. You can slow down or speed up the songs or play them on varying levels of difficulty. According to the official website, “Beginner difficulty levels are designed for non-guitar players and hard difficulties will challenge experienced guitarists.” Look for Guitar Rising later in 2008 for a currently unknown price.

Guitar Rising [commercial spot] –

Sony Ericsson K660: Green Machine

Posted in Phones, Sony Ericsson by Danielle on November 22nd, 2007.


Ok, so I’m probably going to get in trouble for calling the K660 a “green machine,” since it’s not especially environmentally friendly, but technically it is both green and a machine. I win. Anyways, In addition to being a green machine, the Sony Ericsson K660 is also a web phone. Snazzy. The 3G K660 has UMTS/HSDPA, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, a magnetic mouse pointer for easier navigation, a web browser that can pan and zoom, illuminated shortcut keys, desktop tickers that provide updates from your favourite websites, Google Maps, media player, FM radio, and a 2.0 megapixel camera. The K660 will launch in select markets during Q1 2008 for an undisclosed price. Click here for more information!


Aptera Futuristic Electric/Hybrid Car

Posted in Cars by Danielle on September 30th, 2007.


In the market for a new car? Take a look at the Aptera: a rather futuristic electric hybrid car. It seats 2.5 people with lots of room for luggage and has very innovative design. The Aptera hits a speed of 60 mph in 10 seconds, and has a max speed of 95 mph. If you’re interested, you can reserve an Aptera for a refundable $500 (they should be produced within a year). Other features of the Aptera include airbags, a rear view camera, GPS navigation, a CD/MP3/DVD Player, RFID Key Fob to start the car, a solar assisted climate control system (powered by the solar panels in the roof of the car) that keeps your car at a comfortable temperature while you’re not in it, and an engine option of Electric or Hybrid.


If you choose the all electric engine, the Aptera will be entirely powered by battery. The battery lasts for an average of 120 miles, and recharges via an 110 volt outlet within hours. The Electric Aptera will cost $26,900.

If you prefer the hybrid model, the Aptera is powered by both battery and gasoline.  This extends the range of your Aptera to 300 miles per gallon of gasoline, which is far beyond the reach of any available car.  The Hybrid Aptera will cost $29,900.

The Aptera is really an intriguing option for many car owners, especially given the rising prices of gas. Click here to visit Aptera’s website.

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