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Tomy Hi-Kara Karaoke Cube: World’s Smallest Karaoke Machine

Posted in Games by Freybjörn on June 17th, 2008.


Say hello to the world’s smallest karaoke machine. Measuring a mere 2.75″x2.75″x2.75″ cube, the Tomy Hi-Kara Karaoke Machine has a 2.4 inch screen that displays song lyrics and animated graphics. In order to actually use the machine, you’ll have to download songs from the Hi-Kara website. There are two microphone/headset devices, and the Karaoke Machine is available in pink or white. Read more here!

First Glimpse of Guitar Hero IV Drums

Posted in Games by Freybjörn on May 14th, 2008.

Game Informer proudly displayed the first images of Guitar Hero IV’s drums.  The magazine was pretty impressed by the layout of these electronic drums, which aim to mimic the drum set of Rock Band.  Right now, we’re not sure if Guitar Hero’s drum set will work with Rock Band; if not, you’ll have to find a way to creatively fit two gaming drum sets in your living room.

Guitar Rising: Learn to be a Real Guitar Hero

Posted in Games by Freybjörn on February 24th, 2008.


For all of you guitar hero junkies, who have been playing guitar hero for years, but can’t play a single note on a real guitar, Guitar Rising may be for you. Basically, Guitar Rising is a video game where you use a real guitar in order to learn how to play real songs. You can slow down or speed up the songs or play them on varying levels of difficulty. According to the official website, “Beginner difficulty levels are designed for non-guitar players and hard difficulties will challenge experienced guitarists.” Look for Guitar Rising later in 2008 for a currently unknown price.

Guitar Rising [commercial spot] –

Dragonforce’s CRAZY Song on Guitar Hero III

Posted in Games by Andrew on August 5th, 2007.

This is some crazy stuff! I can’t believe this guy is that good. Just watch the Youtube video of “Through the Fire and the Flames” by Dragonforce for Guitar Hero III. Intense.

ScoreHero Exclusive – GHIII – Through the Fire and Flames –

Nintendo’s DS Lite- Now in Pink!

Posted in Games,Nintendo by Freybjörn on June 28th, 2006.

Nintendo’s DS Lite is now available in pink, or as they call it “Noble Pink”. (What exactly makes a pink “noble”, I wonder?). This is probably an attempt to attract more girl gamers to the DS Lite.

ds lite pink.jpg

The Pink DS Lite will cost 16,800 Yen ($144 USD) and will be released to overseas nations (nations other than Japan) on July 20th. The Nintendo DS Lite recieved a 8/10 from CNET and a 4.5/5 from PC Magazine.

As Cnet wroteThe good: Higher-resolution display than Game Boy Advance SP; backward compatible with older GBA games; Wi-Fi multiplayer capabilities.

The bad: Lack of third-party support for the system; susceptible to scratches and smudges.

The bottom line: With a slick new design, brighter screens, and a growing library of fun and innovative games, the Nintendo DS Lite is an impressive improvement over the original DS–but it’s still not a multimedia and graphical powerhouse like the Sony PSP.”
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