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The Champagne Gold MOTOKRZR

Posted in KRZR,Motorola,Phones by Freybjörn on May 10th, 2007.


What do you do to boost sales of a new line of phones? Start rolling them out in different coloured models, of course! Here we see the Champagne Gold MOTO KRZR, which Motorola recently launched in Taiwan and Singapore. The Champagne KRZR K1 has all the same features as the other models– 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video playback MPEG 4,  audio and video streaming, Stereo Bluetooth, microSD slot, music player (MP3/AAC/Midi), and EDGE– but happens to be gold. No word on if this Gold Moto KRZR will actually make it to the US, but if you’re really desperate, you could always check ebay for listings!!



Motorola KRZR K1- Now in Champagne Gold!

Posted in KRZR,Motorola,Phones by Freybjörn on April 29th, 2007.


No one knows how to remarket phone like Motorola. After creating the RAZR in all possible shades (including red, pink, magenta, green, blue, black, silver, and gold), Motorola decided to churn out the newest Motorola phone, the KRZR K1 (krazer, crazer, etc.) in gold. Unfortunately, the limited edition gold KRZR K1 will only be available in Hong Kong, for a currently undisclosed price.

Motorola KRZR Fire- in Red!

Posted in KRZR,Motorola,Phones by Freybjörn on December 15th, 2006.

Once again, Motorola diversifies its gadgets through multiple colour choices.


Like Motorola’s ubiquitious RAZR, we can be fairly certain that the KRZR will, too, become available in many different colours.  This Red KRZR “Fire” is exactly the same as the other KRZRs, but with a more vermillion tint.  Right now, the KRZR fire is only available in Korea, but it should be coming to the US within a couple of years.

Verizon Launches MOTOKRZR K1M

Posted in KRZR,Motorola by Freybjörn on September 28th, 2006.

Verizon launched Motorola’s KRZR today, aka the MOTOKRZR, K1M.


The KRZR is Motorola’s ultra thin 0.6 inch thick) flip phone with Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and microSD slot is the sucessor to the RAZR. Currently, you can purchase the KRZR from Verizon’s online store for a price of $200 (with a 2 year contract, that is) or $249.99 for a one year Verizon contract.

Photo Credit: Engadget Mobile