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Sansa Fuze Mp3 Player

Posted in Mp3 Players,Sansa by Freybjörn on March 17th, 2008.


Amazon recently leaked pictures and stats of the upcoming Sansa Fuze- a cute little DAP with loads of features. These features include a 1.9 inch colour screen, 4 GB of memory, microSDHC support, MP3/WMA/MPEG-4 support, a voice record, an FM tuner, and availability in black, pink, red, and possible many more colours! Allegedly, the Sansa Fuze will have a battery life of 24 hours for audio playback and 5 hours for video playback. Even more impressive, the Sansa Fuze had a list price of only $99! That’s right: $99 will buy you a 4 GB Sansa Fuze, while it will cost you $150 for an iPod Nano (which lacks an FM tuner or voice recorder). So, keep your eyes out for the Sansa Fuze in the upcoming months; it’s a deal you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


The New SanDisk Sansa View

Posted in Sandisk,Sansa by Freybjörn on September 21st, 2007.


So, SanDisk has returned with the Sansa View- a widescreen, flash based media player that is the successor to the Sansa e200. The Sansa View has storage up to 16 GB, is thinner than the e200 (8.8mm thin), supports MPEG4/WMV/h.264), has better resolution (320 x 240 pixels), has a bigger screen size (2.4 inches), and also sports a new clickwheel. If that’s not enough for you, the Sansa View also has a built in FM tuner, a microSD card slot (up to 8 GB), MP3/WMA/WAV audio support, and 30 hour audio/ 6 hour video battery life. The 8 GB Sansa View will set you back $149, and the 16 GB Sansa View will cost $199 when they launch early next month.


Sansa Clip to Rival Shuffle

Posted in Mp3 Players,Sansa by Freybjörn on September 2nd, 2007.


Oh, it’s on. Sansa just announced the adorably small Clip mp3 player that will be marketed at those who would normally buy the iPod shuffle. The Sansa Clip has an OLED screen, FM support, FM and voice recording, and MP3/WMA support. It’s available in 1 or 2 GB, which will cost you a thrifty $40 or $80 respectively. Look for the Clip to launch sometime in September.

SanDisk Sansa C250 in Red and Pink!!

Posted in Mp3 Players,Sandisk,Sansa by Freybjörn 1 week, 2 days ago.


SanDisk’s Sansa C250 mp3 player is available with new red and pink colours!! The Sansa C250 comes with 1 GB or 2 GB of memory, a 1.4 inch colour display, an FM tuner, radio recording, voice recording USB 2.0 support, a microSD expansion slot, and a removeable and rechargable Li-ion cell battery. SanDisk’s Sansa C250 retails with a price of $99.99 for the 2 GB version.

Sansa Shaker Mp3 Player

Posted in Mp3 Players,Sansa by Freybjörn on April 21st, 2007.


Sansa designed the Shaker Mp3 player with kids in mind. The Sansa Shaker Mp3 player has 2 headphone jacks for shared music listening, as well as a built in speaker. To change the songs, all kids need to do is shake the mp3 player.   Or, they can choose to use the controller band on the player.  Another band, on the top of the device, adjusts the volume level. The Sansa Shaker has an impressive 15 hours of battery life. Available in pink or blue, the Sansa Shaker Mp3 player comes with a USB cable, 5 preloaded songs, and customizable stickers. The Sansa Shaker comes with a 512 mb flash SD card, but the SD card can be switched out for SD cards of greater capacity.  Sansa’s Shaker will be available in late April, with an estimated price of $39.99.