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Innovative Wii Nunchuck Controlled Espresso Maker

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Freybjörn on April 26th, 2008.


The Wii Nunchuck Controlled Espresso Maker includes a Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine, an Arduino multi-purpose micro-controller, and some uber cool hacking. Watch the video to see the extent of the 1337.

Arduino and Silvia: A Tangled Affair –

Wii Fit Available for Preorder- Launches May 19!

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Freybjörn on April 19th, 2008.


Want to be having fun like the people below? Then, you need the Wii Fit- the revolutionary approach to exercise via gaming.  Available now for preorder, and set to launch May 19th, the Wii Fit will help shape those curves for $85. Preorders are from Amazon and are limited to three units per household. Click here to preorder your Wii Fit


WiiFit Launches in Japan

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Freybjörn on December 8th, 2007.


It’s a pity that the WiiFit launched today in Japan, and not America. The workout tool for the Wii won’t be in the US until sometime next year. Even so, you can still buy a WiiFit from Amazon Japan, Success-HK, or Play-Asia, and if you get the right shipping, you might be able to get in time for the Holidays!

Nintendo Wii Ad- Hold on Tight!!

Posted in Advertising,Nintendo,Wii by Freybjörn on February 11th, 2007.

Here’s a cute, funny Nintendo Wii Ad that reminds all of us Wii users to keep a tight grip on our Wiimotes!

WiiHoldonTight –

Nintendo Wii Changes in Spring 2007

Posted in Nintendo,Rumours,Wii by Freybjörn on December 17th, 2006.

Nintendo’s Wii is expected to experience some significant changes in 2007.

Allegedly, the Nintendo Wii will be “relaunched” in different colours this Spring 2007, with a new price of $200. Nintendo could still make a decent profit, by unbundling Wii Sports, which is usually sold alongside the Wii. Some say that the Nintendo Wii actually only costs around $158 to produce. The Wii was marketed at $250, so that Nintendo could make extra money during the holiday season. The time that the Wii would be relaunched coincides with the time that Nintendo plans to launch WiiConnect24, the Wii’s online service, and also the time that Nintendo plans on releasing multi-player online Wii games. We’ll just have to wait until after the Holiday Season for any major Nintendo announcements.

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